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Instructions/Information for the Mailing List Template


Remember to save your list constantly to avoid losing information.

Please check your entries
twice. MailOurInvitations.com will not be responsible for errors on your list.

Tips about addressing are available here


  1. Download and save the template.
  2. Fill out the top section (name, event date and number of invitations.)
  3. For all orders fill out Section A (Outside Mailing Envelope - highlighted pink.)
  4. If we are addressing your Inner Envelopes:
    • Fill out Section B (highlighted yellow) if they are being addressed formally.
    • Or Fill out Section C (highlighted blue) if they are being addressed informally.
  5. If we are addressing your Thank You Notes fill out Section D (highlighted purple) if the addressee differs from Section A.

Hints for using The Excel Template:

  • All fields are set with Word Wrap on - so if you type beyond the length of the field, the row height will expand and wrap your text.
  • The Zip code column is formatted for Zip codes - no need to worry about 0's dropping out in front of zip codes that begin with 0 (such as 06460.)
  • The spreadsheet is set up with Frozen Panes - so column headings will always show.
  • Printing your list is easy, the print setup is already done (see print preview to review how a printed report will look).

Excel Template Screen Shot

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